How to Make Your Home Cozy

How to Make Your Home Cozy

How to make your home cozy

We all want a home that's warm and inviting but not claustrophobic. So today we're going to look at a few universal tips that will make your home cozy no matter what your intercourse style is.

When speaking of interior design, we talked a lot about styles like minimalism, boho, Scandinavian, rustic, farmhouse etc, but when we talk about feelings such as calming, Airy cozy, we are no longer talking about styles. We are talking about emotions or feelings which  is making it a lot more difficult to define how to achieve a good interior  but it also means that we can actually apply this to any style.

Today we are going to discuss  a few universal ways that you can make your home cozy no matter what your current style is.


Lighting for cozy home

So the first cozy home tip is to look at your lighting. There's perhaps nothing more important than having good lighting. To create a cozy atmosphere in your room, start by looking at your lighting situation. How many light sources do you actually have in your room? If you only have one overhead light then that's not sufficient  enough. In fact  it is preferable to just banish overhead lighting altogether to focus on having clusters of illumination. Moreover you should also want to look at  the types of actual light bulbs you're using.  There are warmer light bulbs and there are even cooler light bulbs. If you want to opt for warmer light bulbs, they are around  3,000 Kelvin while the cooler light bulbs are 5000 Kelvin. The cooler ones are used more in office type spaces, however warm light bulbs are going to feel more inviting and cozier.

Another way to control this is by using smart lighting which is a really great way to set the mood whenever and however you want. Smart lighting is good however the bulbs are quite expensive but are worth the purchase because you light up any color you want at any time.

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers for cozy home

The second tip is to add plants and flowers and foliage living things. Plants and flowers have a unique way of  bringing life into a space.  If you don't want real plants and fresh flowers since they get pricey sometimes, you can go for faux plants. However, It’s recommended to stay away from silk faux and go for plastic faux since they last forever.  In short, faux plants can look amazing and really enhance the look of your space therefore feel free to consider them if you don’t want to go with the real route. 

Rugs & Textiles 

Rugs & Textiles for cozy home

Tip number three is to use rugs and textiles. If your room has tiles laminate or hardwood, chances are in winter you are going to feel pretty chilly. Therefore, the best way to feel cozy in your space is by adding rugs since they will really help bring that extra warmth and insulation to your room. You can also consider rugs in non-primary rooms such as the hallways, kitchen, and bathrooms. If you don't want to use rugs in the kitchen and bathroom, it's totally understandable however you  should always consider at least a flush bath mat in your bathroom. Also, in terms of textiles, you should definitely consider piling on throw blankets and pillows onto your seating areas  such as your sofa and your armchairs. There is no need to overdo it but you definitely  should have a nice mix of pillows with different patterns and textures. In addition, make sure you also have extra pillows and blankets stashed to the side in baskets somewhere accessible for your guests to be able to just grab something if they feel chilly.  This will make them feel more welcomed in your space. 


Texture for cozy home

Tip number four --  choose cozy textures that are made up of soft materials such as chunky throws, velvet knits, cushy throw pillows, and other crushed linen things that you enjoy touching. Think about wood caramel-colored leathers, warm brass accents, and even stone can be warm and textural when searching for soft items. Before buying, simply ask  yourself whether or not you like to touch that item.  


Drapes for cozy home

Tip number five for achieving a cozy home is to consider your window coverings. If you use shares of lines in winter consider swapping them for some thermal drapes or curtains. Not only will your drapes keep your room warm in winter  but they will also add an extra layer of softness to your room.  

Artwork & Mirrors

Artwork & Mirrors for cozy home

Tip number six, hang artwork and mirrors. Always avoid blank walls  since you don’t want to walk into a room that is completely empty with nothing hanging on the walls. Have one single piece of artwork hanging on a big blank wall but make sure  it's an intentional choice and not just that your artwork was an afterthought. By the way, there are a lot of really affordable print options that you can get online for affordable prices. Artwork not only brings personality to a room, but it also insulates walls and prevents  horrible echoes from happening when sound is bouncing off the walls. In terms of mirrors you can add them not only to enlarge your space but you can use them to bounce light around your room which is always nice.

Bonus Tip

A little bonus tip --  having an echo in your room is not cozy and desirable.  It probably means that your room is a little empty.  For instance if you've ever walked into a soundstage, there's absolutely no echo so it immediately makes you feel cozier.  Some tips to eliminate echo are hanging drapes, adding rugs, putting throws down on your furniture.  Just make sure that there are layers to absorb the sounds in your room. 

We hope these cozy home tips were useful for you and that you can implement them in some way or another. 

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