Everyday Goods Made with Upcycled Denim and Cotton

Everyday Goods Made with Upcycled Denim and Cotton

Do you love denim and cotton? You're not alone. Denim and cotton are two of the most popular fabrics in clothing today. These materials are durable, versatile, and comfortable. Unfortunately, they also take a long time to break down when discarded due to their strength. So what do we do with used jeans or t-shirts that have worn out? We upcycle them into new products! By recycling these materials instead of throwing them away, we can help keep waste out of landfills while also providing new uses for our favorite garments

Denim is the most recycled garment in the world, but even still, millions of tons of denim make it into landfills each year.

While denim is the most recycled garment in the world, even still, millions of tons of denim make it into landfills each year. Of course, this is a problem—not only does this mean there won’t be enough resources to go around, but it also means that thousands upon thousands of gallons of water are wasted during production.

Upcycling helps reduce energy demand and pollution by using fewer new materials and creating less waste than traditional manufacturing processes do. It also encourages creativity, enabling people to use their skills in ways they might never have thought possible before: from turning old clothes into art installations to home decorations out of recycled denim & cotton! 

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Reinvigorating old denim by upcycling it has a wide range of benefits.

Upcycling is a circular economy. You can reduce the need for virgin resources and reuse your denim, thus saving energy.

Upcycling also has social benefits. When you upcycle a pair of jeans and use them to create something new, you are giving them another life and keeping them out of landfills.

It’s important to note that when you recycle old clothes, they have to go somewhere—and right now most of us send our clothes either to landfills or overseas where they can be treated as waste materials (instead of being reused). But with upcycling in mind, we can avoid doing this while still reusing old materials!

The environmental benefits are clear:

  • reducing landfill waste by reusing instead of throwing things away;
  • reducing the need for virgin resources by reusing old materials;
  • avoiding energy consumption from mining and manufacturing new products from scratch;
  • keeping energy consumption down by making fewer trips back-and-forth between recycling centers or trash bins/dumpsters/landfills.

Upcycling denim and cotton gives these materials a second chance at life.

Upcycling is the process of turning used or waste materials into new materials and products. It's a great way to reduce the consumption of natural resources, reduce waste, and decrease pollution by reusing existing products in new ways instead of adding more to landfills. Upcycled denim, for example, is a great way to repurpose clothing that would otherwise end up in those very landfills.

These products meet high environmental standards and adhere to Fair Trade practices. 

Our products are made with sustainable materials and adhere to Fair Trade practices, meaning they offer a low environmental impact and high social impact. We like to think of it as environmentally friendly, socially conscious design.

We do the work for you by only selling items that align with your values.

We'd love for you to give them a try! 

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These are just a few of our favorite products made from upcycled denim and cotton.

It’s always a good idea to check the labels on your clothing. If you see a brand name, check to see if it’s made from recycled materials. You can also look for tags that say “upcycled,” which means that some part of the product was reused before being turned into something new.

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Love them. I’m a blue-and-white fan. And love anything linen-like. I don’t like things that feel poly-blended and try to mimic linen/cotton. These “feel” like nicely woven towels. They look great. I got the blue and white and love them.


I used these to wrap loaves of bread that I gifted to friends. The towels are generously sized and beautiful. I love that they are upcycled and used minimum water in their production. The colors are subtle and the material is absorbent and soft. Love these.


Very pleased upon opening. Tried it on and the fit is just what I wanted. Extremely well made and I love that it’s made from recycled fabric! It is made from denim and is a bit stiff but that’s not a problem for me. I particularly like that it covers “the girls”. Highly recommend!


I love that these are upcycled cotton. They are very high quality and beautifully made. Hopefully, they’ll come out with some more colors in the future.


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