Best Affordable Small Living Room Design Ideas

Best Affordable Small Living Room Design Ideas


Read this blogpost and get inspiration from design and decorating ideas to turn your small living room into a beautiful and comfortable living space. There are so many ways to make a small living space to look bigger than it really is.

Light and bright colors

A living space with bright colors often feels bigger and more spacious because a bright surface reflects more light. However, that does not always mean that dark colors and nuances make a room look small and gloomy. On the contrary, a living space in a dark color palette, can give more depth, and the eye can be tricked into not knowing where the room walls end. More than that, using bold dark colors with reflective surfaces and shiny decorative accessories made from metal, will create an elegant and sophisticated room décor. But colors can be used in many other ways. For example, a smart idea is to choose a color that goes in the same shades and harmonizes, in a way that can trick the eye, making the room look larger. Choose furniture and fabrics in similar nuances as the wall color to make them blend in the overall décor. This will turn your small living room into an elegant living space that feels bigger than it really is.

Light, especially natural light is very important in small living rooms. If you do not have large windows, try to replace the natural light with artificial light. However, avoid large table lamps and floor standing lamps that take from space. It is much better to use ceiling lighting and wall lamps, that allow more valuable space for decoration on the tables and floor.


And speaking about the floor. Wood flooring is the best flooring option for a small living room. Anyway, do not forget to add a beautiful area rug to your décor. It brings style and helps to define a zone in an open space. A clever idea is to choose an oval or something different then a rectangular rug, because a too large or too small rug will draw the eye's attention to the size of the room.

Room Divider

Sometimes it is better to use a room divider, especially in a larger open space layout. In fact, there are many smart ways to divide a living space without using physical objects and walls. It is mostly about visual manipulation, to trick the eye. So, play with textures, colors, heights, multifunctional furniture pieces. area rugs, carpets to define different areas in an open space. Most modern apartments do not have separate kitchens, dining, and living rooms, so you need to create different zones by using your furniture to divide the living space. Bookshelves, console tables, back of a sofa, or another piece of furniture can be successfully used to divide the space.

Draw attention to the vertical dimension

Do not forget that any living space is three dimensional. So, think vertically, especially when you are dealing with a small living room. All the vertical surfaces can be used for both decoration and storage space. After all, with limited floor space, you have to make the most of all the space you have. So, use the walls all the way up. Bookshelves and bookcases are fit for this role. They use the space vertically, so you can easily maximize the storage space without minimizing the use of floor space. Wall art and wall-mounted décor are other important things in small spaces. Do not forget multifunctional furniture. It has the ability to adapt to many spaces and situations depending on the activity and lifestyle. So, it is clever to look for multi-purpose furniture. For example, a coffee table with storage, a sofa bed, a bookshelf with a built-in desk, etc.

Use your creativity! When your living space is quite limited, and you do not have enough space for more furnishing, use furniture alternative solutions such as a dining chair instead of a side table, etc. A windowsill can maximize your storage space.


Mirrors are the oldest design tricks in the book when you are dealing with limited living space. A large mirror will give you the illusion of a bigger space and the room will appear more spacious and brighter because the mirror reflects light. Place the mirror on the opposite wall of a window, so it can reflect as much natural light as possible. 

It can be quite difficult to create a stylish and comfortable interior decor in a small living room. After all, in a small living space, everything must have a function.You need to make the most of the space, in addition to having all your own lifestyle needs covered. We sincerely hope that this blogpost can help you to redecorate your own living room.

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